Some remarkable moments / 2.

It has been a while that I posted my last blog. Since then, I wrapped up my work at Otra Cosa, travelled a bit in the South of Peru and returned to the UK. So, after an extremely busy past month, I really want to jot down what I found so fantastic in Peru and gather some of my nicest experiences in the blog.

Therefore, here is my second post on some remarkable moments I had in Huanchaco.

Let’s start with that special day when we decorated some cookies with the colours of the Peruvian flag (with condensed milk for white part and strawberry jam for the red) at Mundo de Niños. The kids liked it a lot and we also had the opportunity to talk about national holiday Fiestas Patrias, celebrating the anniversary of Peru’s independence from Spain. Here is Jhan happily showing his cookie to me.

Jhan and the Peruvian-coloured cookie


When a Peruvian lady prepared organic chocolate mousse for me at the beach.

chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse at Moksha’s organic market.


When I arrived to our poetry event to the skate ramp and met a little girl whose name was Cristina. She was overly enthusiastic about the fact that we are having the same name and stayed around me half of the event. She introduced me to her little sister Tati, a sweet four-year-old. I also met a couple of other lovely girls and felt that this attention and kindness I got from them in that little time makes up the space left empty by the boys at Mundo de Niños. Here is a picture of my friend Julia with some of those cute girls.

Girls at the ramp
Girls at the ramp


When my friends come to celebrate with me when I got the job at British Red Cross. We were treating ourselves with cakes and smoothies at the best café in town, Chocolate Café. It was just a cool afternoon.

iced chocolate banana cake


When we spent half a day with two of my friends at the fruit and vegetable market (Mercado Hermelinda) in Trujillo. We had a delicious lunch with lots of locals around us at a very traditional food stand, photographed various exciting fruits from the jungle, did some good bargaining and tried amazing juices. Below, you can see some of the exciting fruits and crazy colourful toys we found:).

Mercado Hermelinda 2Mercado Hermelinda



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